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How to Conduct a Competition – Introduction



The USGA receives hundreds of requests each year for information on various aspects of the game of golf. One of the most frequent requests is for information on how to conduct a competition. A number of USGA publications deal with the subject, but not extensively. This booklet covers in depth all aspects except for peripheral matters such as registration of players, transportation service, providing locker facilities, arranging accommodations, securing adequate caddies, food service, sale of admission tickets, production of a program and arranging for spectator parking.

Some of the information is very elementary and will be of interest only to Committees with no experience in conducting competitions. On the other hand, the section on preparing the course probably will be of interest only to a Committee conducting a competition, such as a state or sectional championship. However, this section does reflect the USGA’s view on how a course should play, and hopefully it may be a factor in persuading clubs to adopt some of the maintenance procedures recommended so that members could enjoy playing a course under championship conditions on a regular basis. A course in championship condition is a real treat to play.

Most of the sections are applicable at least in part to smaller club events. It is up to each Committee to decide which parts pertain to the competition being conducted.