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25–3/2   Player Makes Several Strokes on Wrong Putting Green

Q. In playing the 4th hole, a player plays his second shot onto the 7th green, believing it to be the 4th green. He marks the position of and lifts and cleans his ball. He then holes out in two putts on the 7th green before he is advised of his error. What is the ruling?

A. In equity (Rule 1-4), the player incurs no penalty under Rule 18-2a for lifting his ball in play without authority.
In match play, the player lost the hole when he made the first stroke on the wrong putting green — Rule 25-3.
In stroke play, Rule 25-3 does not contemplate a player making more than one stroke from the same wrong putting green. In equity (Rule 1-4), the player incurs a total penalty of two strokes under Rule 25-3. The two strokes made on the 7th green would count toward his score on the 4th hole.
When taking relief under Rule 25-3, the player would use the final location of the ball (in this case the hole on the 7th green) as the reference point for taking relief.
The same answer would apply to other areas on the course from which play is prohibited (e.g., ground under repair from which relief is mandatory or environmentally-sensitive areas).


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  1. cocoa unknowunknow 沙发 2009/12/02 17:06

    阿joe, 案例2-5/10中有那么一句话很有意思。Incorrect information on the Rules is not wrong information. 牛津英语词典的解释是 incorrect : adj. not correct or true; wrong. 真不知道这句话怎么理解了。

    • Joe unknowunknow 回复 cocoa 2009/12/03 09:14

      这句话的重点不是在于Incorrect,而是在于on the Rules哦!
      incorrect就是wrong是没有错。但是Wrong information在规则里是一个有特定的含义的,作为球手,他是有义务知道规则的正确含义和处理是怎么样子的,所以,别的球手在规则方面给他信息时,就算是错的,他也有义务知道正确的应该是怎样,所以Incorrect information on the Rules is not wrong information。
      重点在于on the Rules和wrong information是一个组合词,不能incorrect比较wrong的区别。

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