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In stroke play, a player is unaware that his ball is in ground under repair. He addresses the ball and the wind causes it to move. After he replaces the ball, he realizes that he is entitled to relief without penalty. He lifts the ball, properly takes relief from ground under repair and completes the hole. What is the ruling?

If a player plays a stroke with a wrong ball in a four-ball match, his partner incurs no penalty even if the wrong ball belongs to him.

A player strikes his ball into high grass and properly plays a provisional ball. He prefers to continue play with the provisional ball but a fellow-competitor announces that the original ball is found in less than five minutes of search. The player refuses to identify the ball that is found. What is the ruling?

In match play, as a result of a stroke, a player's divot comes to rest affecting the position of his opponent's ball, which lies in a hazard. What is the ruling?

Equipment of the player includes his golf cart whether or not it is motorized.


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    Equipment of the player includes his golf cart whether or not it is motorized.这题明显是对的呀,为何答案是False?

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