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在线高尔夫规则测试 – 0916


  1. A player's tee shot is in a difficult lie through the green. He deems the ball unplayable and drops it within two club-lengths of where it lay but it comes to rest in the same position from which he took relief. Which one of the following is correct?
  2. A competitor took relief from a lateral water hazard, dropped a ball in a wrong place (three club-lengths from where the original ball last crossed the hazard margin) and played it; his total penalty is three strokes.
  3. Even when it is obvious that a dropped ball will roll into a hazard or out of bounds, the player may not place the ball instead of dropping it.
  4. The Committee may not enlist the help of the players in removing casual water from the putting green if they have not finished the hole.
  5. Before completing an 18-hole competition, two competitors play two additional holes that were not included in the stipulated round; there is no penalty.



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  1. June Internet Explorer 6.0Windows XP 沙发 2012/01/15 15:22

    In the 2cd question,we can consult Rule20-7:Playing from wrong place.
    And for the 4th question,we can consult Rule25 about Abnormal ground conditions other than 33.

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