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在线高尔夫规则测试 – 0923


  1. If a player finds a ball, deems it unplayable, drops it within two club-lengths, plays it and then discovers that the ball is not his, there is a penalty for playing a wrong ball.
  2. In match play, there is a penalty if a teed ball not in play on the teeing ground is knocked off the tee with a practice swing.
  3. A player's ball lies in a bunker covered by leaves. He uses his club to remove enough leaves to enable him to see part of the ball. As he addresses the ball, he touches some of the leaves with his club. What is the ruling?
  4. An old hole plug which has sunk below the level of the surface of the green is a hole made by a greenkeeper and therefore ground under repair.
  5. A sprinkler head does not interfere with the lie of the ball, stance, or area of swing; a player may not take relief under the obstruction Rule for mental interference.