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Most of my friends just came back from their Chinese New Year Holiday a few weeks ago,  they travelled to Portugal, having their  Portuguese golf  holidays.  They posted lots of pictures on google+ and Flickr, which were very fantastic. Well, as for me, if possible, I am planning to have a golf holiday to European with my friends this summer.


 Due to the limited number of golf courses in China, and the requirement of playing different courses, golf travel becomes popular in China. Major of Chinese golfers travel to other Asian countries like Thailand, Japan, Malaysia etc. While they have vacations they will fly over to U.S., Australia, and so on.

Besides the countries above, European countries such as U.K., Spain and Portugal are becoming more and more popular in China. Lots of courses are near the coast, just imagine that you teeing off  on a links course in the ocean breeze, you will find out how ideal the Spanish golf holidays or Portuguese golf  holidays are!

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